John worked for many months to help find the perfect home for us. We had many constraints. We wanted to be on the water and we had to be close to elders we need to be able to help. We also had to sell our home and a duplex in Michigan.

John was never pushy but worked with us and our time constraints. He was always available either with a recommendation or to pursue a property lead we had found. (Once he checked out a home in Florida for us while we were in Colorado!) He really knows this area, and business in general, but it is his “servant’s heart” that separates him from so many others. We feel John really cared for us.

When we finally found our “perfect” home he helped us negotiate a price. When we made our offer, he explained to the seller why it was not a full price offer, based on a market analysis and the condition of the home.

After we had a deal, John’s work and contributions did not end. He helped us with recommendations for surveys, inspections, insurance, and for a loan.

When we decided to go with an internet mortgage company instead of John’s local banker, John was not upset even though we took a risk. He continued to support us until we had our loan.

My Mom was a Realtor/broker so I grew up knowing how hard they work. A good Realtor will listen and be your agent, but they will also get to know you to help you figure out what you need and want. John does that. He is one in a million and is a credit to the profession and a wonderful human being.